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Art Quilts XIX: Permission to Play
Storytelling Art Quilts
Call to Artists
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ARTIST CALL: Art Quilts XIX: Permission to Play, Storytelling Art Quilts, an exhibition to be held at the Chandler Center for the Arts. To submit work for consideration, please follow the entry requirements below:

ART QUILTS XIX: Permission to Play, Storytelling Art Quilts
Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler, AZ
November 7, 2014 – January 17, 2015

Entry Deadline: Monday, August 25, 2014, 5 PM MST

“Explore your artistic senses with creative and spontaneous movement into the whimsical and/or humorous side of storytelling. Discover what specifically speaks to and interests you as an artist. Lead the thought process from real to unreal in form, idea, design, dream or concept. Your next artistic composition journey begins here. Allow your fun side to show through while creating with Permission to Play.”
~ Denise A. Currier, Juror for Art Quilts XIX

Start your whimsical and/or humorous journey in art quilting, by allowing the story that every artist wants to tell come alive.  

Submit your most significant work to this annual exhibition of contemporary artworks, show casing one of the finest collections of art quilts on display in the regional Southwest. The exhibition is produced by the Chandler Center for the Arts and is presented by the Chandler Cultural Foundation and the Chandler Arts Commission.  

The Chandler Center for the Arts Art Quilts exhibition has grown from a local and regional quilt show to a respected vehicle for contemporary works. The exhibition draws entries from around the United States and Canada and allows thousands of visitors each year to experience quilting as an art form.

Juror Denise A. Currier, Biography & Statement

Denise A. Currier of Currier Originals is an award winning artist with over 37 years of art experience and 36 years of professional sales in multiple art mediums. She has lived in Mesa, Arizona for over 30 years and currently her art studio views the city. Sewing at a young age brought creative exploration back to the basics of fiber along with the interested knowledge of multiple art mediums. The graphic journey from design drawings of clothing ads, commercial window displays, and the articulate approach of painting, surface design and photographic original image printing onto fiber, cultivated the forgiving dimension of the Art Quilt. These ‘Ah hah’ artistic moments interpreted fiber art quilts as her chosen art medium. An art collector enthusiast herself, she reflects these experiences into her energetic creative stream.

Denise has exhibited in the Art Quilts Exhibit at the Chandler Center of the Arts, Arizona for over 13 years. Current exhibitions include Tohono Chul Park Museum, Tucson,
i.d.e.a. Museum (formerly Arizona Museum for Youth), Mesa Arizona, and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Museum. Recognition and Grant awards include National and International Fabric companies (P&B Textiles and Moda), Art Quilt and Quilt Exhibits, Arizona State University, Museums and local Art exhibitions. Solo Exhibits include Mayo Clinic, Narthex Art Building and Shemer Museum Gallery, Arizona.

Art commission projects include foundations, public and private art collectors from team sports to the medical field of profession. Permanent collections include the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona Mayo Clinic, Shemer Art Museum, Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Museum, NFL Atlanta Falcons and Arthur M. Blank Foundation, Georgia, and many other Foundations; private art collectors currently own and seek her artworks from across the world.

Publications include Mayo Clinic and Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, Art Calendars, Larks Books “500 Art Quilts”, C & T Publishing Inc., “America: From the Heart”, International Library of Photography and local news print and web publications, Arizona Republic, Mesa Tribune “Artist Spotlight Profiles”.

Community director/curator art projects include “Little Lands in Fiber” with Mesa School Programs, “Community Fiber Link” Art Quilts (Arizona Quilters Guild, Mavericks), and “The Art Wraps” of Mesa, Arizona.

Denise is currently a member of the Arizona Designer Craftsmen, Fiber Connection, Surface Design Association, SDA, and Studio Art Quilters Association, SAQA. Her written signature is registered in the National Museum Artist registry. Community Leadership in Volunteer programs for art events with the Mesa Arts and Culture, department for 5 years. More about her artwork and contact information at

Juror’s Exhibition Theme: Permission to Play, Storytelling Art Quilts

Using any of the various techniques and materials of the Art Quilt medium, create a textile artwork that epitomizes the story that you as an artist want to tell.

·        Art often steps beyond the boundaries of comfort…
·        Design elements can be modified to create new ideas, patterns or concepts…
·        Life is filled with opportunities to see the brighter side of ourselves and our work. Find inspiration in the bizarre, the outlandish or just the silliness of taking oneself too seriously.

Juror’s Art Quilts defined: a quilted layer and stitched effect, Fiber inclusive of multi-art mediums with integrated surface design, thread play, natural and synthetic materials. Assimilated 2 dimensional and/or 3 dimensional Art Quilts will all be considered in relationship to the exhibit theme.

Exhibit theme ‘Permission to Play’ pin points:
• Articulate fiber and art materials in spontaneous movement.
• Explore your whimsical and/or humorous creative fun side of play.
• Combine visual artwork and creative storytelling
• Include a material/technique paragraph description of your artwork
• Artist statement - written humorous Storytelling by ‘Make believe’, ‘Believe it or not’, or ‘Once upon a time’; fable or truth to be told by you the artist in relation to the art work itself, 250 words or less story.
• Think typical 2D and/or explore 3D art quilt combinations.
• Collaborative art quilt work accepted

“Art quilts automatically present possibilities, and being given the permission to play creates the opportunity to inspire a viewer in new ways. By combining the visual artwork itself and creatively speaking in terms of words or stories, the Art Quilter should embrace a new feeling of freedom.”

“I personally entice impulsive creative art play moments that move my senses and help me to experience make believe or real story telling thoughts. We all tell stories, however, to articulate one visually accompanied by written words allows the creative process to take on a whole new dimension of thinking. I encourage you to reminisce about the feelings of childhood and find inspiration in the world that we as creators are gifted to explore. To express to others who appreciate what we have to say - real or not – will be the basis of this year’s exhibition. So be it, it is the child in all of us that yearns to create. This year will be an Art Quilting showcase of creative play at storytelling.”
 ~ Denise A. Currier, Juror for ART QUILTS XIX

For each $15 fee, you may submit up to 3 works on a CD or via email. There is NO form, but entries MUST be accompanied by the following information:

1. Artist name and contact info: Your name, email address (typed along with your other contact info), physical mailing address and day and evening phone numbers.

2. Images of Art Quilts: For each submitted work, include a full and detail view. You may submit images as digital jpeg, .tif or .eps images. Digital images should have a minimum 300 dpi resolution for an approximate picture size of 3 x 4 inches (or larger). This allows the images to be considered for the invitation postcard. The digital images can be either on a CD or submitted via email to (if applying via e-mail, please note your last name and “Art Quilt Application” in the subject line). With each image, the name of the artist(s) and title of the quilt must be included. Please title digital files so that this guideline is followed, even if in an abbreviated manner. Example: UpandDowndetMeyers.jpg would indicate the quilt titled: “Up and Down”, detail view by Beth Anne Meyers. Accepted images will be retained for the archives and possible catalogue production; Submission CDs will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope with correct postage.

3. Information and Description: A list or document file describing the images which includes:  artist(s) name(s), quilt title(s), dimensions in inches (width x height), sale price or insurance value, techniques/materials used, and a story or statement about how the piece address the theme: Permission to Play, Storytelling Art Quilts. We are interested in understanding and experiencing your particular artwork. Share what moves you as a person and inspires you as an artist.

4. Permissions: Statement declaring whether or not photos of your art, and the images you provided may be taken to promote current and future shows, including on the Web and in a possible catalogue. If your work is accepted, and you give permission to use your images, you also give full permission to use image(s) of your work(s) and your artist’s statement(s) in this publication without payment or royalties. The image of one Art Quilt will be chosen for use on a promotional postcard. In addition, this year a CD catalogue MAY be produced. During the exhibition, the Chandler Center for the Arts limits photography to the show organizer, media and artists taking photos of their own work(s).

5. Price/Value:  Statement declaring insurance value(s) and, if you want to sell your work(s), sale price(s). A fifty percent (50%) gallery commission will be charged on all sales, so remember to state retail prices that include that percentage.

6. Payment:  Fees can be paid either over the phone by debit or credit card by calling 480-782-2695, or by including a money order with your submission made payable to Chandler Center for the Arts. Once payment is made, a digital copy of your receipt will be e-mailed to you.

Entries (not the quilts) are due by 5:00 PM, Monday, August 25, 2014, either by email at or by hand delivery to:
By USPO: Vision Gallery, PO Box 4008, Chandler AZ 85244-4008
By FEDEX or UPS: Vision Gallery, 10 East Chicago Street, Chandler AZ 85225

A list of accepted artists will be posted on by Monday, September 8, 2014. Email correspondence to accepted artists will follow.Completed quilts accepted into the exhibition must be delivered by Saturday, October 25, 2014. For ease of installation, quilts must have top and bottom sleeves (if applicable) appropriate to their sizes. These sleeves should be at least large enough for 2 inch slats. If your piece has a hanging system other than a sleeve, please contact us prior to entering to ensure it will be compatible with the gallery’s hanging requirements. If including slats with your artwork, please have them labeled with artist name and artwork title. Quilts from local artists may be picked up at the Chandler Center for the Arts, 250 N. Arizona Ave., Chandler, AZ, on the day the show is taken down, or the week thereafter at Vision Gallery, 10 East Chicago Street, Chandler AZ 85225. Accepted artists will be notified of take-down date. Non-local works will be shipped; see Shipping/Delivery for details.

Quilt artists who want to share their art with a broad based arts audience are invited to enter. Two or more people may have collaborated on the pieces. The works must not have been previously displayed at the Chandler Center for the Arts or other downtown Chandler venue. Works should have been completed within the last three years.

Four $250 jury awards will be given to the Best of Show Juror’s award and the Viewer’s Choice award. Multiple Purchase awards will be offered by the Chandler Arts Commission for up to $10,000.00.

There is a non-refundable fee of $15 to enter up to 3 works. No entries will be considered without payment of this fee.

All delivery and shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist. To ensure your shipping and insurance needs are met when we ship your quilt(s) back to you, we ask you to include a FILLED OUT return-shipping form with pieces sent to Arizona for installation. This does not mean you must pay for shipping in advance. We are requesting you include a form with your shipping account number on it (this is NOT your credit card) so we can efficiently process shipping at the end of the show. Art must be received by Saturday, October 18, 2014. If you are new to shipping, the easiest way to do this is to go online and open a free account with FedEx. Postage stamps will NOT be accepted as payment for shipping. More detailed shipping information will be included in communication to accepted artists.

The rules listed are for U.S. artists. While shipping costs remain the responsibility of the artist, accepted international entries are handled on an individual basis to assure an efficient and cost-effective delivery system.

Works are insured while on display at the Chandler Center for the Arts for 50% of the retail price for the duration of the exhibition. All paperwork must designate whether an artwork is available for sale, or is listed as NFS (not for sale). All artworks must include insurance values regardless of how it is listed in the catalogue.

All artworks offered for sale are listed with a 50% commission. Sales are collected and paid within 30 days of receipt. All applicable sales tax are collected and paid during the sale.

Gallery hours are 10AM – 5 PM Monday - Friday and Saturday, Noon - 5 PM. In addition, Chandler Center for the Arts patrons can view the artworks before shows and during intermissions. Call 480-782-2695 for holiday hours.

Contact staff at, or call us at 480-782-2695.

               Call for Submissions PDF