Denise A. Currier
Multi-Media Fiber Artist
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ears of an accumulated group of art supplies enabled me to educate my ideas to obtain the self-gratification of the final piece.  I enjoy working in series and in themes to entice my thoughts of expression in Fiber Art.  The creative process gives a lift to my personal spirit. I personally get a great pleasure when the viewer interprets their response to my work. 

   A personal overview of my art beginnings as an artist was realized at 16 years of age. As a 4H student, I was asked to do several personal drawings for horse enthusiasts in the local community. This surrounded me with members who appreciated my drawings. Sketches were apart of my life and I knew know other. I thought all journals included images, forms, and words to capture feelings of expression.  As a continued process, I used this experience as a financial gain and continued this as I added other art mediums.  Photography was a big part of the images I then sketched and colored by use of watercolors. Even though I learned to master sewing garments when quite young, I never could stick to just one pattern. Part of the creative process in expression is individuality.  The day I recollect is when I became aware that my interests in all 3 mediums could successfully be used together with the capabilities of technology today.

   I grew up with limited exposure to television and the art of fine craftsmanship as the main source of entertainment.  I lived far enough away from the congestion of city life that everyday work became a part of daily play.  My mother always made the comment "You always see the beauty in everything" and I did not appreciate that aspect until I realized the impact I could preserve in art. My father shared his talents as a businessman in craftsmanship by involving his children's participation in all of his accomplishments. We acquired skills that will stand a lifetime.  Each of my siblings abilities are similar with an observant eye and the importance of completion.

Photographic surprises create a visual feast in fiber and mixed media art sources. I call myself an In Studio Artist with a colorful palette that is recognized by my series of works.  Evolved by proposals and sketches stimulated by a spontaneous movement of so called pleasant happenings.  Many of my personal art aspirations have been from life’s complexities that enticed an open window that gives me permission to play.  One side of my studio work leans towards the whimsy word phrases and the other reflects my interest in the desert and mountain range in which I live. A passion to create daily, freedom of time and space to explore, enjoyment of bringing the outdoors into the home with the element of fresh air, is how I derived from a young age.  

Completion of a piece is crucial to my personal growth while my mind is steered into the next inspired design.  Most would agree that the beauty in everything reflects my philosophy.  Renovate thyself in a series of art fashion to keep whim, spark and challenge. An importance of observation and attention to detail is what keeps the inquisitive mind rolling in ideas.  Think outside of the realm of life’s scripts. My goals are to level mounds of fiber into submissive textured techniques with each fabric treated to cure a visually enticed healing process.  Today is life's lessons.

     I’m involved in organizing community visual art projects within Arizona; MACFest – Arts and Crafts Festival,  “The Art Wraps” Main St. Mesa, Arizona and “Little Lands in Fiber with Arizona Kids” 2009© with Arizona Art Education and  Arizona Museum for Youth exhibits.