Denise A. Currier
Multi-Media Fiber Artist
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"Little Lands in Fiber with Arizona Kids"  2009 ©

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Arizona Artist collaboration with Jr. High and Elementary Student Artists.

A Fiber Art inclusion program that compliments and
enhances the regular school curriculum within Mesa Public School
classrooms at the Jr. High and Elementary levels.  Artist meets budding
Arizona Artists.    
Created and Organized by Multi Media Fiber Artist, Denise A. Currier

Directors Statement
“Little Lands project is an essential Art resource, instrumental in
adding interest and enthusiasm to Arizona Landscape Themes.  
Student creative thinking ideas such as ‘outside of the box’ and
‘whimsical play’ while simply giving kids the time and permission to play.  
As an artist, Art mediums are a personal choice.  Asked why Fiber, it is so forgiving, everything goes on it and it can be manipulated and cut into different forms and shapes.  As a favorite art project
many students have replied this is their best.  A special Thank you to my husband, David, of 30 years who has so devoted his time and input into all the many art projects that have come into our lives.  In appreciation and Thanks to the Volunteers willing to serve and enlighten the hearts of these kids and the true excitement in particular with this project.  The time and materials that were donated for this project will take precedence and add a long and standing continuation to this project.  Kudos to all the kids who participated and the sound laughter over quirky phrases I use so seldom.  Such as ’treat your tools as jewels’, ‘audition your palette’, ‘a spank of color’, ‘squint the eye’, ‘compose your piece with unexpected surprises’, and ’art has no mistakes only pleasant returns’, all this with the permission to play in art.  And most importantly thank you to the Arizona Museum for Youth Staff and friends who so full heartedly opened the facility space and personal support needed for this project and exhibition."

Project Mission

“Little Lands in Fiber with Arizona Kids” is an outreach program that connects local artists, the Art community, teachers, Junior High and Elementary Art students with a creative ambition to succeed. “Little Lands” provides an opportunity for the budding student artists of Mesa Arizona to display their Art piece at the Arizona Museum for Youth, AMY, in a formal Museum setting.  The students experience learning a new art medium, Fiber, in a collaborative Landscape composition and is a wonderful established relationship with other in class art studies.  Students pencil sketch their design, learn about composition and focus points, visual aids in the rhythm of eye movement, and must consider harmony in the value hues of color and fabric patterns in their artwork.  Volunteer local artists sew the pieces with metallic threads and Denise machine quilts them to enhance the artistic collaboration.  Students complete and finalize their work by Hand sewing and/or gluing on beads.  All this is done within a   6” x 7” Fiber space called a layered sandwich.  Museum Entries and submission include the finished Fiber Art work, Art Piece Name and an Artist Statement.


Museum Art Selection

The AMY Curator will jury select 20 works for the duration of the exhibit. These pieces will then be framed as an award. All other completed entry pieces will be on display opening night May 1st - May 10th to provide the public an opportunity to see the wide range of talent from our Arizona Kids.

Little Lands in Fiber with Arizona Kids

Juror Statement

The relationship between human beings and the natural world has been a topic for artists since the beginning of time, when cavemen painted on stone walls to tell of their experiences of living off the land.  As a result, they left us a record of who they were and what was important in their lives.  With the collaborative project, “Little Lands in Fiber with Arizona Kids,” Denise A. Currier and the students of seven Mesa Public School classes carry on this tradition through the use of colorful cloth and sewing machines, to tell of their experience living in the Sonoran Desert.

Selecting only few artworks to represent the whole collaborative process was very hard for me to do. Each of the student collages contained sparks of originality.  Their work was uniformly marked by their strong ties to subject matter showing both distinctiveness and knowledge of the desert.  In selecting 25 from a total of 175 artworks submitted for this exhibition, I considered the various themes the students were asked to express through their cut fabric collages, combined with individual creativity with the end result being an individual vista on the desert landscape.  Also, I looked for basic principles of design such as unity, harmony, balance, rhythm, contrast, dominance, and gradation.  I believe that the works selected and framed for the exhibition best represent the project as a whole combining artistic vision with good basic design.

I applaud the efforts of Denise, the students and teachers, who each worked hard to bring forth a project that is both unique and substantial.  The strength of the results of this project will inspire us to take a long look at our beautiful Sonoran Desert and appreciate its natural wonders.

Jeffory Morris
Youth Museum

Museum Exhibition Dates

May 2 - August 9, 2009

Opening Reception - Meet the Artists

Friday May 1st 
5 to 7 p.m.
Arizona Museum for Youth
35 N. Robson St. Mesa, AZ.
RSVP will be required by April 27!

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"Little Lands in Fiber with Arizona Kids"   © 2009 
Five Mesa Schools with seven Art Classes of approximately 190 student participants

Elementary Art Teacher – Emily Holgate
Falcon Hill Elementary 4th Grade Classroom Teacher

            Tosha Williams
            Special Education Teacher – Christina Rowe
Holmes Elementary 4th Grade Classroom Teacher
            Sharisse Nunes
            Special Education Teacher – Anne Osuna
Hermosa Vista Elementary 6th Grade Classroom Teacher
            Vivienne Barcia

Fremont Junior High 7-9th Grade Art Teachers 
            Karen Tabor 
            ASU Internship Teachers Program – Rachel Coblentz 
Taylor Junior High 7-9th Grade Art Teachers
            Art Classroom Teachers - Kimberly Barnes and Sub-teacher Leigh Poplar
            Special Education Teacher – Kay Eddins


Arizona Quilters Guild - Chapter members
Wanda Seale
JoAnne Barnes
Cindy Remm

Arizona Museum for Youth
35 N. Robson St. Mesa, AZ.

Mulqueen Sewing Centers - owners Pat and Darren Mulqueen / Janome Sewing Machines and Sulky Threads

Funky Fibers / Yarns and Such
Arizona Quilters Guild - Chapter members / Fabrics and Batting

Denise A. Currier / Frames and personal stash of fabrics and art supplies

                                                                                                 Darren Mulqueen, Denise and others discussing Artwork
                                                                                                  Denise with Fremont Jr. High Art Teacher Karen Tabor